Technology Makes Boating Better

This decade we are proud

To have been at the forefront of boating technology and innovation

Day out with your PT600

It combines the most advanced intelligent ship control system and first-class yacht building technology.


Auto-driving on water is the new trend,porpoyacht will usher in a new future for self-driving electric boats.

Virtual anchor

When you want the boat to stay on the water for a long time without drifting out of position, just tap the “anchor” on the screen.

Emergency brake

In manual mode, you can brake immediately in case of emergency, and the yacht will come to an abrupt stop within three seconds.

A true solar-powered and

energy-efficient yacht can run on sunny days without requiring a charge.

0 ton

PT600 with green energy solutions have no carbon emission, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable option.


With our 100% electric yacht, indulge in the beauty of the ocean without leaving any carbon footprint.

0 dB

Zero noise electric engines provide a quiet and peaceful cruising experience.